Our Lady of Port Richmond

Making Catholic Education Affordable

Each year, many OLPR families qualify and receive scholarships and grants from various organizations to assist with tuition.

A listing of several of these are included here.  Each has their own requirements and deadlines.  Many can be filed online, others need to be printed and mailed.  Click for specific information and check back often to see if you qualify and when applications are due. 

The Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia application for the 2017-2018 school year is now closed. Stay tuned for application information for the 2018-2019 school year in the Fall. These scholarships are available to low-income students in grades K-8th grade and are awarded by random lottery. To be eligible, families must: meet income requirements, be residents of Philadelphia, have a child entering grades K-8th in fall 2017 and complete the required short essay question. The priority application deadline is November 15th. This is a much earlier deadline that prior years...
Please DO NOT delay. For more information and to apply for the scholarship, click the link below.

The BLOCS Scholarship for elementary school students is now available. Applications must be completed via the Smart Aid system.  Click the button below for more information about BLOCS.

Additional Scholarship Programs Coming Soon for 2017-2018:
Bridge Educational Foundation Scholarships
Family Choice
George and Mary Kremer Foundation

New This Year: OLPR Grade 8 Catholic High School Matching Starter Scholarships

Our Lady of Port Richmond Regional School’s "Catholic High School Matching Starter Scholarship Program" is designed to "pay it forward" to the families of 10 very high performing eight graders starting in 2017. OLPR’s Program will award $2,000 Catholic High School scholarships in their freshman year  to 10 students who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to Academic Excellence;
  • Demonstrate the following qualities of exemplary Catholic identity: Leadership, Courtesy, Cooperation, Effort and Service.

OLPR’s Program goes one step farther to enable Catholic families to continue their Catholic Education Journey. There are 10 Catholic Secondary schools, both Archdiocesan and Private, who have agreed to provide an additional $2,000 MATCHING SCHOLARSHIP in the freshman year to OLPR's students who enroll in their high schools. Additionally, six of those 10 high schools have also agreed to provide at least $2,000 in Merit-based scholarships to the students in the Sophomore, Junior and Senior years of their four year education. Supplementing the Merit-based financial assistance, these same six schools will permit students to apply for Need-based financial assistance during the full four year period of their Catholic secondary education. The maximum tuition assistance value to parents of each of the 10 student in these cases is at least $10,000 in tuition assistance during the student’s secondary education. Through this program alone, for these 10 OLPR scholarship recipients combined, the total financial assistance could translate into a minimum of $100,000 in tuition assistance from OLPR and the high schools over four years.   

 OLPR'S "Catholic High School Matching Starter Scholarship Program" will cost the school $20,000 . OLPR’s ability to afford this one-of-a-kind program in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is made possible by and funded by our Home and School Association's and Alumni's support in the form of fundraising activities that occur throughout the school year. 

 OLPR's Program is intended to give something back - "Pay It Forward" - to students and families who have demonstrated through their Academic Achievements  and Catholic Identity, as well as their financial sacrifices a firm belief in the VALUE of a CATHOLIC EDUCATION.


Scholarships and Grants